Easy Ways to Make EXE eBook

-EXE is an executable program that consists of several HTML files. EXE ebook format so it resembles the design of the website. EXE format to make this website you can download the template from the following link, EXE Ebook Template.

Then you just write the article that you create as an eBook in the template, and add navigation links to connect all the pages. After you finish the script in HTML format, the next step is compile HTML files into a single file using the COMPILER. For the record Ebook EXE format can only be opened on the computer with Windows OS. But it could not be opened on the Macintosh.

Below is a compiler-compiler EXE ebook is quite popular. Compiler-compilers are priced starting at U.S. $ 30 to hundreds of U.S. $. But as an experiment you can use the trial version for FREE.

EXE ebook advantage is that we do not need a separate reader software (Not like the PDF reader which requires a separate software) because it is self-executable EXE file.

Another advantage is there are some compiler tool for branding. EXE ebook so it is great to do viral marketing. For example, a person who wants to distribute the ebook for free, he can add his name or website link in this EXE ebook. If the contents of this ebook beneficial to the people, and they were interested to read it, this ebook would be distributed to other friends. Then this ebook is like a virus can spread rapidly. That way you promote a product that it spread quickly, and visitors will flock to your website click the link. With the abundance of visitors then you just convert them into customers.

EXE ebook design that resembles a website allows the compiler support multimedia such as Flash and Video. But keep in mind is to keep the file size remains small when the ebook will be distributed online, so the download is fast.